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More frosting please!

With my first venture off the beaten path for my “Gin and Gingerbread’ party, the women at Delbarton school had a wonderful time and really produced some amazing colorful houses! Thank you to my friend Elisa Charters for inviting me to share my creations and celebrate the holidays in style at the beautiful historic Old Main building on campus. Taking the show on the road….so to speak, was a definite feat of logistics. Packing 50 gingerbread houses, each placed into it’s own 14” square box with lots of bubble wrap and cellophane, along with loads of glass jars filled with candies of all colors and shapes, required a van rental and the help of my assistant Rie, my daughter PJ, and her good friend from school Christine. After finalizing the display of candy and arranging the houses like place settings at the tables, we were all on frosting duty. I had not anticipated the demand as we had never before seen a group go through so much frosting!

Again, it comes down to more surface area…more candy…more frosting! Good thing my friend Cathy came to the rescue and delivered me her Kitchen Aide mixing bowl, the one and only thing that did not make the 45 min drive from my house. Crisis averted…... just barely. Seeing all the happy faces and to witness the inspired decorator emerge within each guest throughout the night was all worth it. By the end, everyone was giddy with delight at their frosting filled, candy piled high accomplishments wrapped and tied with a beautiful bow. Incredible fun and tasty at that. #GinandGingerbread #GingerbreadHouse #EdibleEstates

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