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Guests arrive to specialty cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. The Decoration Table is arranged by color and filled with beautiful glass vessels, brimming with candies of all shapes and sizes. Gingerbread homes, one for each guest, are pre-assembled and set up on tables, like place settings. There’s plenty of time to drink, nibble, and mingle.

Beautiful and delicious gingerbread Chri
Beautiful and delicious gingerbread Chri
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Before we all sit down to our houses, I give a demonstration about how to work with the decorations – how to make a wreath from frosting or some ideas on how to use the candies in creative ways. 


When the decorating begins, you can feel a sense of wonder take over the room. I check in on each guest in case they need assistance, but I’m always amazed at how inventive everyone is with their project. 

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When the houses are finished, we wrap each house and tie it with a bow so they are protected and easy to transport home. Best of all, the houses can last up to 30 days or more, and are completely and deliciously edible!

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