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More candy please!

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

All I can say is yay! and phew! I had a crazy fun, very hectic week of gingerbread house making, decorating and party hosting. My annual ‘Gin & Gingerbread’ Party was another great success and I thank all of my friends for making it such a fun and happy time. It’s a great start to getting into the holiday spirit, and there was some really great decorating this year. All my guests stepped up their game :) The best yet! The house itself was the biggest one I have designed and it was very well received. With a double gable front inspired by a modified tudor house in my neighborhood, and a larger 12” square base for more ‘landscaping’…this year’s house was a huge hit! Not to mention a huge candy hog too..hahahah. More surface area means more candy please!……and I usually have plenty of sweet stuff left over after a party, but not this year ;)

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