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'Gin and Gingerbread' Party

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

'Oh's that time of year again'... according to my husband. My family is dreading the onslaught of dozens of boxes arriving from Amazon and others that will fill my kitchen and dining room for several more weeks, as I prepare to host my annual 'Gin and Gingerbread' party. Boxes and boxes of candy, containers, decorations, ribbons, glue guns and foam core will be piled high in various corners of the house. While the invasion of space is not exactly comfortable for the family, what truly bothers them the most is the absence of meals being prepared from the kitchen! I always get carried away, like a kid in a candy store, (which is exactly what our house turns into) when preparing for this, and my family knows that Uber eats is the only thing on the menu till party time. Why do i exhaust myself and torture my family? Because 'Gin and Gingerbread " is an amazing experience that grew out of a fun hobby, influenced by my passion for architecture and

baking, that has become something my friends, and secretly my family, truly cherish. Friends have told me many times the party is the highlight of their holiday season. Creating 'one of a kind'

gingerbread houses that light up from the inside to decorate anyway you want from dozens and dozens of candy crazy as it sounds,that is my passion! It is so much fun and it makes people happy! #ginandgingerbread

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